Many Charlotte NC area Homebuyers want to know when is the BEST time to purchase a home.  With over 11 years of real estate experience, I guess you can say I’ve worked with buyers and sellers through 44 seasons and counting.

As a Charlotte area real estate specialist, I can honestly say that when purchasing a home, there’s something to say about all 4 seasons.  Let’s do the breakdown to determine the best time to purchase a home in the Charlotte NC Area…

Winter- Winter dates are December 21-March 20.  Did anyone say Santa Clause mixed with a little cold, ice & snow?  With 4 days away from Christmas and New Year’s Day right around the corner, the inventory is pretty much going to resemble the “leftovers” you’ll find in the stores this time of year.  The desirable home inventory has already been swooped up and everything else has been picked over.   Not to worry though because the good news is there will be more desirable homes hit the market in January.  The bad news is that prices tend to be higher at the start of a New Year. Winter, may not be a good time to buy.

Spring- March 20-June 21- Ahhhh, there’s nothing like the sound of birds chirping, beautiful flowers blooming everywhere and lukewarm weather.  Perfect time for moving!  Did I mention Spring is when most rental leases expire and home purchases increase?  Most sellers are aware of this as they tend to remain firm on price until the right buyer comes along.  Spring may not be a good time to purchase if you’re looking for a deal.

Summer- June 21- September 22. Who let the dogs out?  Ok, maybe not theoretically but this is what purchasing a home in the Summer tends to feel like.  Kids are out of school, expired rental leases are now on month to month and did I say the pressure is on for most homebuyers to find the perfect home?   Unfortunately, Summer is when most buyers face the need to get settled in a new place before the first day of school while other homebuyers are faced with trying to avoid paying higher rental payments on expired lease agreements.  It’s no wonder why Summer produces more buyers and not enough inventory. This is why we tend to see an increase in multiple offer situations during Summer months.  It may be a really good idea to rule the Summer out if you are truly looking for a deal.

Fall- September 22- December 21.  Did I mention fall happens to be my favorite time of the year?  Fall is when future sellers tend to reach out for our advice on getting their home ready to list come first of the Year.  But wait Mr. & Mrs seller, what if we have a homebuyer now ready to take your home as is?   Fall is also when New Home Builders reach out to let us know about their awesome end of the year buyer promotions.  In addition to these perfect buyer settings, Fall is also when home prices tend to decrease and sellers are willing to bend a little on seller concessions. Most Fall sellers desire to sell before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year making Fall the BEST time to purchase.

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