10 Things You Should Do Immediately When Moving into a New House

A new home is exciting, although moving can be stressful. A new home requires a lot of attention to organize and pack into the home. Here are possible tips on things to do first as you enter a new home.

10 Things You Should Do Immediately When Moving into a New House

1. Do a Walkthrough

It is best to walk through your new home to see the blank canvas while it’s empty. This will help you plan how to position your belongings. In addition, you can use a measuring tape to have accurate readings to predict your furniture sizes. It will also help you arrange items in the time since you have pictured where they belong.

2. Safety Precautions for Children and Pets

Your kids and pests need extra attention to be safe in the environment. Remove outlets, sharp objects, open doors and windows, and other hazardous materials. Ensure these items are kept in label boxes to avoid confusion.

3. Make an Unpacking Plan

Ensure your packing boxes are labeled to make moving and unpacking easy. In addition, these boxes help you prioritize items in the home. For instance, you may need a kitchen item before arranging the living room. Make a plan and pack according to avoid time-wasting.

4. Set up Utilities and Connectivity

Having a dark home on the first day won’t be exciting, so it is best to immediately check your utilities, such as electricity, gas, and water, when you move in. You can also check the WiFi, cable, and phone connection.

5. Locate Necessary Functions

Ensure you look for the circuit breaker, fuse box, and water valve immediately when you enter the home to better prepare for unexpected power or water cuts. Also, check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Finally, check the escape route, and if you are facing natural disasters, ensure you have a place for shelter.

6. Set up a Security System

A security system is for home safety. Some people change locks, install motion detectors or cameras, smart doorbells, or install a complete home security system. You can further check the level of security in your home with some tools to decide the best solution for your safety.

7. Deep Clean

The best time to have a deep cleaning is immediately after you enter the home. First, empty every space to enable you to work on the floorboard, windowsill, nook, and cranny.

8. Change Your Address

Moving into a new home means changing your address. Ensure that your communication address with your credit card company or retailers corresponds with your new home so your mail and update can be forwarded to the new location.

9. Familiarize Yourself with the House

Familiarize yourself with your home by walking through every room or space in the house. Know where all essential items are kept, especially emergency items. This will make it easy to run around the house without obstacles or knocking off any item.

10. Get to Know the Neighborhood

Take a stroll with some neighbors around your neighborhood. Say hello to people you meet on the street or visit the garden to see new neighbors. Remember to introduce yourself to each family you meet, or you can organize a housewarming party as the new neighbors.

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