Of course not!  And if you’re like most, you hate finding out later you could’ve prevented it had you not missed the memo.

Now that you are informed here is what you can do about it says NC Homeowners Alliance that stated…

Last year, North Carolina’s homeowners convinced Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to block an unreasonable homeowners insurance rate hike, bringing the proposed average down from 18.1% to 4%. We need to do it again!

The latest proposal from insurance companies would increase rates by an average of 17.4 percent, but for some consumers,  the increase could exceed 30 PERCENT! WOW!

We need your help again to tell Commissioner Causey to SAY NO to the insurance companies’ request. Please click here to send an email to Commissioner Causey so he can hear how this increase would hurt homeowners.

Speak now or pay later!

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