COVID-19 Pandemic is it a good time to Buy or Sell?

We are getting this question a lot and our answer just may surprise you…

But before we go into detail, let’s look at current market facts

*  Mortgage rates are still low
*  Lenders are in the process of reviewing ways to utilize unemployment as qualifying income
*  Sellers are still wanting to sell
*  Buyers are still wanting to buy

What does all this mean for buyers & sellers?   In our opinion, what this means is that the market is somewhat mutual right now.   We are all in this together working through this pandemic to achieve a common goal.

What we are seeing in today’s real estate market in spite of the coronavirus pandemic is…

For Buyers, the likelihood of sellers giving their home away is highly unlikely.  But,  the good news is that we are seeing sellers willing to pay closing costs or more apt to fix repair issues.  Whereas before COVID-19, it was difficult for buyers to receive any of this.

For Sellers, properties in Charlotte NC ranging $200k and under, are still selling like hot cakes.  Although the number of buyers has dwindled down due to job loss, lenders are seemingly finding ways to include unemployment as income and other ways to strengthen buyer’s purchasing power during this pandemic.

With what we know is happening in the real estate market right now, it is safe to say that now is still a good time to buy or sell.

As a Certified Strategic Listing Agent Specialist, we have been trained on how to safely maneuver through COVID while marketing your home for sale.

As Buyer Agent Specialist, we take you through the entire process beginning with getting you pre-approved with lenders who specialize in homebuyer programs and COVID-19 Job loss issue.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell or just have questions, we can help!  Give Carolina Realty LINX a  call @ 980-237-8000.

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