As Top Listing Agent Specialist in Charlotte, NC, we love educating our Sellers.  Below is our response to the most commonly asked Seller questions.

1.  I would like to sell my current home and purchase another one. What is the first step? 

The first step is to find out what your home is worth. The second step is to speak with a lender to get set up to purchase your new home.  The lender will be able to tell you if you will need to close on your current home first before closing on your new home purchase.  We will help guide you through the entire process.

2.  When is the best time to sell my home?  

This depends on several factors. Each home sale is different but what we will say is that January through August is the busiest month for Homebuyer purchases.

3.  What are the pros and cons of getting a home inspection before listing my home? 

Can be a good selling & negotiating tool.
You know what repairs are needed and can begin to fix them before listing your home.

The Buyer may request to have their own separate home inspection.
The Buyer may want other repairs done separately from the repairs already made by the seller.

4. What are the standard fees paid by sellers to sell a home?  

*Deed Transfer tax (1/$500 of value).  For example, sales price $300,000, divided by $500 = $600 transfer tax
*Real estate commissions
*Attorney fee
*HOA certification fee (if applicable)
*Wire/payoff fee

Please see the Estimated Seller Fee Sheet for more details

5.  Do I have to provide interested home buyers with seller disclosures?  

Yes, in the state of NC, you must provide buyers with a Residential Property Disclosure and a Mineral & Oil Rights Disclosure.

6.  Should I get an appraisal before listing my home? 

It’s not necessary however, it will help give peace of mind to know the true value.

7.  Will my home get listed only in the MLS if I list with a Realtor?  

Not with Carolina Realty LINX. Your home will be listed on several different platforms including social media and the company website,   We will also distribute your home listing to our database of over 8000 prospects.

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